Insurance for a Teen Driver

Curb the Cost of Insuring Your Teen Driver

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Teen Drivers Greatly Affect Your Rates

If your teenager is preparing to get behind the wheel, you may want to consider your options as to the best way to insure them. The statistics show that teen drivers aged 16-19 have a much higher likelihood to be involved in a car accident than other age groups. In turn, it can be quite pricey to insure your teen driver. Here are some helpful hints and tips to keep your premium low and protect your teen from unsafe driving practices.

Policy Options

There are some options when it comes to insuring your teen driver. However, rather than creating a separate policy (which tends to be the more expensive option) consider adding your teen driver as an additional driver to your existing auto policy. Not only will this option keep your teen safe, but it will also save you money.

Another way to keep costs down is by assigning which vehicle your teen will drive. It is important to keep in mind that the newer the car, the more expensive the coverage will be. Talk to your agent about which vehicle will be the cheapest vehicle on your policy to assign your teen driver to.

Deductible Considerations

Auto deductibles will typically range from $250 to $1,000. By increasing your deductible, you’ll only be using your insurance policy for larger repairs and paying out of pocket for smaller dings and chips. However, the increased deductibles can mean big savings.  Keep in mind, if you lease or finance your car, the leasing company may insist on having a deductible of $500.

Ask for the Student Discount

Good grades don’t just get you into college; they can also qualify your student for a rate discount. If your teen driver maintains a 3.0 GPA, they will typically qualify for the discount! In order to help motivate your teen driver, make driving a privilege that’s dependent on good grades.

Teen Driver 2Weigh Your Buying Decision

Purchasing a new car for your teen driver with the latest in safety is understandable. However it may be better to purchase a safe, used car for your premiums sake. Prior to purchasing an auto, Midwest Insurance Group is happy to give you an insurance quote to better help you with your buying decision.


Set Your Expectation for Safety

In order to keep your teen driver’s insurance premium constant, it’s best that he or she maintain a clean driving record. To help reduce accidents consider these tips:

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  • Restrict nighttime driving
  • Limit the number of passengers in the vehicle
  • Ban cell phone use regardless if your state’s laws are more lenient
  • Establish driving-area limits
  • Set a curfew
  • Talk to your teen driver about drinking and driving
  • Insist on seat belt use for everyone in the vehicle
  • Ride with your teen driver to make sure they are still using the safety habits learned in driver’s education
  • Set a good example for your teen driver by being a responsible driver yourself!

Minimize Distracted Driving

You may not be able to change son or daughter’s status as a teen driver; there are many ways in which they can maintain their good driver standing. In order to minimize their risk, teen drivers need to minimize their distractions. Some ways to do that is by:

  • Only driving with one person in the car for their first year
  • Ban the use of electronics, texts and phone calls can wait!

The use of cell phones while driving is extremely dangerous, and recently it has been put into law. In 28 states, and the District of Columbia, teen drivers are prohibited from using their cell phones while driving. Also many states have laws designating the number of passengers young drivers are allowed to have. Before getting behind the wheel, make sure you and your teen driver are aware and understand the regulations in your state, county and city.