Loss Control

Loss Control & Risk Management

Friedle Insurance Agency’s Loss Control Services can help implement a long-term approach to risk management and loss reduction. Friedle Insurance Agency’s safety professional and partner companies can provide the consulting, evaluation, training, and coaching to help you reduce injuries and Worker’s Compensation costs.

Training Topics includes, but not limited to:

Management/Supervisor/Employee Education

•Accident Investigation

•Hazard Recognition/Evaluation

•Injury Repeaters

•Back Injury Prevention


•Job Safety Analysis

•Handling OSHA at YOUR Front Door

•Establishing Safety Goals & Accountability

•Establishing Effective Safety Committees

OSHA Compliance


•Forklift Safety & Authorization

•Hazard Communication

•Personal Protective Equipment

•Respiratory Protection/Fit testing

•Hearing Conservation

•Emergency Preparedness

•Confined Space

•Bloodborne Pathogen

•Compressed Gas Safety

•Machine Safeguarding

•Overhead Crane/Chain Safety

Plant Inspection

•Workstation Analysis

•Machine Guarding

•Ergonomic Analysis

•Workplace Safety Evaluation

Employee Involvement

•Safety Surveys

•Injury Analysis Process

•Safety Committees

•New Employee Orientation